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Projects with refugees
The refugee crisis is one of the chief challenges of our times. The Goethe-Institut plays a part in the integration of refugees in Germany and, in cooperation with partners, has also been organizing various cultural and educational programmes in the regions of origin, for example in Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon and in a number of cities in Turkey, since 2013. The different projects are presented in reports and interviews here.

Transporting Literature: “My Book – My Teacher”

My Book – My Teacher delivers picture and reading books to children at community centres and refugee accommodations all over Lebanon. | Photo: Mwafak Maklad

Awakening a love of reading: in January and February 2017, the project “My Book – My Teacher” by the Goethe-Institut Lebanon in cooperation with Orienthelfer e.V. distributed 33,000 free books to children in Lebanon affected by displacement.

According to estimates, 700,000 children who fled from Syria and Palestine live in Lebanon have practically no access to education. The Goethe-Institut Lebanon, in cooperation with Orienthelfer e.V., distributed 33,000 free books in January and February to these children, in particular those between the ages of four and twelve.

The books were handed out at 27 locations throughout Lebanon by the Les Amis des Marionettes puppet theatre. Classic German children’s books like The Rainbow Fish and The Thief Lord have been reissued in Arabic or bilingual Arabic-German editions. In this way, the love of reading can be awakened in them through playful approaches and the world of literature will open up educational opportunities for the children.

Besides handing out book packets, the project also provides accompanying materials and handouts for social workers and teachers as methodological aids.

My Book – My Teacher is a project by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Orienthelfer e.V. and with support from the German Foreign Office.

    On the run: A debate between Aman Sethi and Georg Diez

    What are the problems and consequences for Central European nations in the face of the influx of humanity? How wide ranging is the migration? For how long and for whom should the European nations open their borders? Indian journalist Aman Sethi and German journalist Georg Diez will attempt to answer some of the questions by way of a regular exchange on the Goethe-Institut India's website.

    Learning app “City of Words” in Arabic

    Play “City of Words” in Arabic! Starting today, the learning app is available for download from the app store in the Arabic language. It will help you deal especially with everyday situations in German.