Integration Courses and Certificates

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What are integration courses?

Integration courses aim to improve and ease the integration of immigrants in Germany. The courses launched in 2005 in the scope of the Immigration Act introduce newcomers to the German language as well as to everyday customs, the culture and the legal system.More ...
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The integration course is both obligation and opportunity for immigrants – interviews from our integration courses

The German Immigration Act came into force on 1 January 2005. Since then, many new immigrants have taken integration courses to learn German. Now, asylum seekers and refugees are also required to go back to school after arriving in Germany.More ...
Structure of the Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses | © Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses 2016, page 17| © Rahmencurriculum für Integrationskurse 2016, Seite 17

Framework Curriculum For Integration Courses – 2016 Revision

Nearly ten years after it was first created, the Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses in Germany has been revised and published in an updated version.More ...
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Organising integration – Company framework curriculum

Language experts at the Goethe-Institut were heavily involved in developing the curriculum.More ...

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