German as a Language of Science

    Does it make any difference to the knowledge gained whether scientists carry out their research in English or German? Photo: James McQuillan © iStockphoto

    Scientific Multilingualism Promotes Innovation

    German scientists and scholars are increasingly publishing their work in English. Some scientists now assume that English will eventually prevail as the lingua franca of European science.More ...
    Peter Funke; © DFG

    “Science Must Be Multilingual”. An Interview with Peter Funke

    English is becoming increasingly dominant in many research disciplines. Peter Funke, vice president of the German Research Foundation, calls for linguistic diversity in science and scholarship.More ...

    German as a Language of Science: “Philosophers find it more difficult.”

    English has long outdistanced German in academia. Now, German academics want to save what they can; Ludwig M. Eichinger is one of them. The linguist interviewed below puts his main focus on multilingualism.
      Jürgen Trabant; © privat

      “When Language Dies, Culture Dies Too”. An Interview with Jürgen Trabant

      Linguistics expert Jürgen Trabant talked to about the fact that young people have stopped talking, a museum for dead languages and the merits of Latin.More ...
      German is being increasingly displaced by English in the world of science. Photo: Tomas Skopal © iStockphoto

      German as a Language of Science: German Language, Whither Goest thou?

      For years there have been heated discussions about the diminishing importance of German in the science world. But what are the disadvantages being debated?More ...
      Scientists reading; © DFG

      Renaissance of Multilingualism? German as a Language of Science and Scholarship

      German is losing ground as a language of science and scholarship. Now a movement has formed opposing the monopoly enjoyed by English. What is the aim of this linguistic-political offensive?More ...

      German as a Language of Science – Joint Declaration by the Presidents of the AvH, DAAD, Goethe-Institut and HRK

      The AvH, the DAAD, the GI and the HRK believe that the issue of “German as a language of science and culture” should not be seen in terms of competition between English and German but in terms of their complementarity.More ...
      © DAAD/ Bosse und Meinhard, Wissenschaftskommunikation

      Memorandum of the DAAD

      The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) regards the promotion of the German language as one of its core strategic objectives.More ...