The film recordings of the school day and lessons illustrate developments taking place in schools.

Some of the films show selected lesson sequences from Classes 5 to 13 (ages 10-18). Particular attention is given to foreign language teaching. Alongside these there are short reports on numerous extra-curricular activities, for instance a school council, an open day, a media library run by the pupils, a “glass laboratory” etc.

A further important component of the film material is interviews with teachers, headteachers, pupils and parents. They use short statements to comment on developments in their school and report on their experiences over the past few years.

A particular aspect of change is the central theme in all the films. As well as the changed role of the teacher, this is particularly relevant to the development of school pupils into people who can learn independently and the idea of the school as a place where knowledge is acquired autonomously.

Examples of films (German)

TV SymbolExample 1
"Lehrer als Lernbegleiter"
TV SymbolExample 2
"Lernen durch Lehren"

Target group

The films that were made in the context of the project are aimed at foreign language teachers, as well as teachers generally who have an interest. They are also directed at school pupils and parents, as well as anyone who works in the education sector or is interested in schools.

Films from Finland, Poland and Portugal

More films are being made in three countries belonging to the EU consortium (Portugal, Finland, Poland). Interviews with teachers and pupils are also being shown in these, as well as snapshots of the school and lessons that have an aspect of change as a central theme. Because of this the project stimulates discussion of educational issues in a European context, and enables people involved or with an interest to observe examples from other countries, compare them and consider them against the background of their own situation.

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