Practice material and information

Material that can be downloaded

Sample exam booklet
The German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer) offers five sets of practice exercises that can be downloaded.
ÜbungssätzeDIHK - Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung
Organisation zur Förderung der IHK-Weiterbildung mbH
Exam guidelines, terms and conditions for exam administration
Examination guidelines PDF, 119 KB  
Supplement to the terms and conditions for
   exam participants with special needs
PDF, 98 KB
Information for examination candidates with
   special needs
PDF, 61 KB
Examination goals and test description
   Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International (PWD)
PDF,  81 KB

Material that can be ordered

Examination goals,
test descriptions:

8,50 €

ISBN  3-933115-66-3

Accessible exam training materials

Online practice exam for those interested in a German exam for beginners to advanced (A1 – C2) – fully accessible and therefore especially suited for people with disabilities