Institutional cooperation

For several years your institution has been regularly offering German courses as preparation for Goethe-Institut examinations? You are interested in closer cooperation with the Goethe-Institut as an examination partner? You will find answers to some frequently asked questions here:

What kinds of contractual cooperation are there?

Institutions with an examination mandate conclude a contract with the responsible Goethe-Institut, administer examinations under its supervision of professional standards, and assess the examinations themselves. The Goethe-Institut orders examination material and issues the certificates.
Licensees conclude a contract with the Head Office of the Goethe-Institut. They administer examinations independently: they order examination materials, organize the examinations, assess performance and issue the certificates. The responsible Goethe-Institut maintains supervision of professional standards.

What presuppositions must be fulfilled by a potential examination partner?

  • The application is submitted by an institution (for example, an institution of higher education, an adult education centre, a cultural association, a language school, and so on). The Goethe-Institut does not issue examination mandates to individuals.
  • There is neither a Goethe-Institut nor another examination partner of the Goethe-Institut at the location.
  • The institution has provided instruction in the German language for a considerable length of time, has sufficient suitable rooms and can appoint a person responsible for examinations with a very good knowledge of German and the professional qualification.
  • The examiners have the required professional and linguistic qualification.
  • There is an existing long-term close cooperation relationship with the Goethe-Institut.
  • The responsible Goethe-Institut confirms this.

Which examinations can the examination partner administer?

The Goethe-Institut generally grants licences for all of its examinations: A licence or an examination mandate for certain examinations can be extended later.

What does it cost?

There is no licence fee.

Examination fees are the same throughout the country. Institutions with an examination mandate pay a portion of this sum to the responsible Goethe-Institut for examination material and certificates.

Licensees pay a share of the proceeds from examinations to the Head Office of the Goethe-Institut for all services such as examination material, certificates, continuing training, advisory services. A fee stipulated by the responsible Goethe-Institut or the Head Office is due on conclusion of the contract.

How does the Goethe-Institut support its examination partners?

Both the Goethe-Institut and the examination partner have an interest in the greatest possible dissemination and in optimum administration of the examinations. The supporting Goethe-Instituts and the Head Office in Munich regularly organize training courses for examiners and seminars for those responsible for examinations. The partners are provided with up-to-date advertising and information material. There is an online workspace accessible to licensees for communication and information.

Where can I obtain more information?

Please contact the Goethe-Institut nearest you. Goethe-Institutes worldwide:

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