David Cornwell alias John le Carré

David Cornwell
© Stephen Cornwell
/ White Hare 2010
The British writer David Cornwell, alias John le Carré, is to receive the Goethe Medal in honour of his life's work. le Carré's novels, which he wrote in the second half of the twentieth century, reflect the global lines of political conflict from the Cold War era to the present day. In his spy thrillers, millions of copies of which have been sold to date, this master of the political and psychological crime novel condensed Germany's difficult role during the era of the Cold War in his writing. For millions of readers, he vividly brought to life the global fields of conflict. le Carré has always been convinced that language learning is the key to understanding foreign cultures. In his love of the German language Great Britain's most famous German-speaker provides an impressive example of this.

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