Web projects of the Goethe-Institut worldwide – 2014

German with Felix and Franzi   deutschenglish

Exciting material and ideas for Primary School Teachers for non-specialists as well as for those with a greater command of German

German Traces in Ireland   deutschenglish

There are many places to be found in Ireland with connections to German people and stories; from Handel’s Messiah in Dublin to the children of Operation Shamrock in Co.Wicklow.

Stockholm - German Traces   deutschsvenska

Since the times of the "Hanse" German-Swedish history has left traces in Sweden's capital city. Explore these with travel journalist Holger Wolandt.

German Traces Togo   deutschfrançais

Explore the common heritage of German-Togolese history.
Foto: Colourbox

Dossier: South   deutschespañol

What is the South, really? A meaningful concept or a misleading simplification? An attempt to approach the issue in South America and Germany
Foto: Colourbox

Dossier: Christmas   deutschenglish

What Diwali is for Indians is what Christmas is for Germans – the festival of Family and gifts. The best tips for gifts from New Dehli

Dossier: Graffity-Walk   deutschenglish

In Colombo's bustling pot of life and evolution, art in public spaces seem to be a forgotten indulgence for the city eyes.

Blog: SchreibKULTUREN   deutschenglish

Cultural journalists from the Ukraine, from Belarus, Georgia and the republic of Moldova on a 2-week cultural exchange in Hamburg

Blog: Meet in Rotterdam   deutsch

Author Annett Gröschner from Berlin writes during her residency at the Goethe-Institut Netherlands

Blog: Alexander Kluge   deutschfrançais

Filmmaker and author Alexander Kluge shines a light on current themes in German and French society in films and stories.

Blog: Liebe Heimat, …   deutschenglish

Once each week, taking turns, Goethe staffers around the world – from Wellington to Bogotá, from New York to Ulan Bator – write to us about their lives abroad.
© Thomas Wellmann

Comics in the Baltic States   deutschLatviski

In the Baltic states and in Germany the comic scene is presenting a great variety of styles. Who are the most exciting artists, what the best publications?
Jafaar Alnasser via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Guests in Estonia   deutscheesti

What impresses artists and culture professionals the most in Estland? Have a look at our guestbook
Foto (Ausschnitt): Andreas Levers, CC BY-SA 2.0, via flickr

In Focus: Walls   deutschenglish中文(简体)中文(繁體)

25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, new protective walls are arising. A dossier on new and old walls in China and Germany

Recalled and Forgotten   deutschenglish

What traces do divisions leave in a society's collective memory? A discussion on the division of the Indian subcontinent

Being Faust   deutschenglishlietuviškaičeskymagyar한국어

“Being Faust – Enter Mephisto” is a physical game enriched with online and social media elements, based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s drama “Faust”.

Via! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo   deutschitaliano

52 weeks, ten perspectives, two nations – street photography from Italy and Germany

Blog: Porto Alegre – Berlin   deutschportuguês

Jaqueline Beltrame und Gustavo Spolidoro have spent two months in Berlin to select movies for Festival Cine Esquema Novo and blogged about it.

Dossier: Science language and multilingualism   deutschlietuviškai

Many scientists publish their works in English. Is there a chance for multilingualism in science?

In Focus: Time out   deutschenglish中文(简体)中文(繁體)

For some it’s essential, while others never take any time out. How do German and Chinese creative individuals and artists in the fields of literature, art and music arrange their temporary escape?

Next to here   deutsch

The exhibition “Next to Here” presents photographic works by eighteen young photographers from ten countries of the Arab world.

Dossier: outstanding poetry   deutschPolski

Every two weeks, authors present their works, giving a taste of German and Polish stories.

Dossier: Music scenes   deutschLatviski

The relevance of music of all genres remains undiminished. Which productions have caused a stir and discussions recently in Germany and Latvia?

In Focus: Time   deutschportuguês

Between time pressure and downtime: a spotlight on the theme of time in Germany and South America
Der Regisseur Carlos Flores | Foto: Oscar Cárdenas

Dossier: On a Visit to …   deutschespañol

Artists from Chile and Germany visit the other country and enter into a cultural dialogue.

Dossier: 1914–2014   deutschespañol

1914, the year World War I broke out, was a watershed for Germany, but a year of little consequence to Spain, which was a neutral nation at the time. How close were German-Spanish relations before the war, and how did the war affect neutral Spain all the same?

Dossier: The other half   deutschitaliano

German mother, Italian father, German father, Italian mother: 13 people who grew up in Germany and Italy tell their personal stories.

Dossier: Graffiti walks   deutschportuguês

Many view them as vandalism, but graffiti has evolved into a recognised street art form. A dossier on the most interesting graffiti and its actors in German and South American cities.

Dossier: Storytelling   deutschitaliano

Young journalists from Italy and Germany in conversation with street artists, homeless people and bus drivers. These portraits reveal much about life in Rome.

Im Fokus: Journalismus heute   deutschcastellano

Stirbt der traditionelle Journalismus aus? Ein Dossier über die Zukunft des Journalismus in Deutschland und Südamerika

Dossier: 20 Years of Democracy   deutschenglish

2014 is a special year for South Africa: it is an election year and a Special anniversary. A dossier charting 20 years of democracy in South Africa

Dossier: In the city   deutschenglishfrançais

Whether in Germany or in Canada: To live in the city is to walk. A series of articles about the transformation of a walker to a flâneur

Dossier: Leipzig, a city of heroes?   deutschfrançais

Leipzig presents itself as a centre of contemporary art, music and literature in Germany. Searching for the heroes of Leipzig and Lyon, its twin city.

Umwelt macht Schule   deutschрусский

Der Schülerwettbewerb will Jugendliche auf Umweltprobleme, mit denen sie täglich konfrontiert sind, aufmerksam machen.

Dossier: Urban gardens   deutschعربي

Planting, tending and harvesting – the idea is to green up the roofs of Cairo. Communal gardening projects are also thriving in major German cities.

Dossier: Library scene in Germany and France   deutschfrançais

An overview of trends in the library sector and innovative concepts from Germany and France.

Dossier: (I am an) Italoberliner   deutschitaliano

An ironic and self-critical dossier on the emerging community of so called Italo-Berliners

In Focus: Art spaces in Germany und South America   deutschportuguêsespañolcastellano

An overview of alternative spaces for art in Germany and South America

Dossier: Graffiti   deutschespañol

Although many people see graffiti as vandalism, it can brighten up drab everyday cityscape. A dossier about graffiti in Chile and Germany

Performing Architecture   deutschitaliano

The Goethe-Institut at the Architecture Exhibition in Venice: performances and installations in the German Pavilion

Dossier: Views of Young People   deutschΕλληνικά

A self-obsessed generation? Not necessarily. A dossier on civic engagement among young people

Football World Cup on Goethe.de   deutschenglishespañol中文(简体)中文(繁體)portuguêsenglishعربي

The Goethe Institut’s blog posts and articles on the football World Cup

Promoting Reading In Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean   deutschespañol

Inform yourself about the situation in individual countries and learn about activities to promote reading.

Central America Tells Its Story   deutschespañol

Up-and-coming authors introduce themselves: a project on Central America’s integration in the literary and art scene, in Germany and in their home countries.

rumbo @lemania   deutschespañol

Off to Germany! The German-Spanish youth portal rumbo@lemania provides adventurous youngsters interested in studying or working in Germany with information about German language and culture.

In good hands: Craftspeople in Bogotá   deutschcastellano

Many of the old professions are still thriving in certain corners of Bogotá. A photo reportage featuring craftspeople in Bogotá

Focus: Sex? Sex! Sex …   deutschenglish中文(简体)中文(繁體)

These days we encounter sex just about everywhere. A dossier about what is probably the most fascinating subject of all, with a particular focus on Germany and China

Dossier: Public Art   deutschعربي

Outdoor exhibitions, art on the building site, graffiti – who actually owns public space? A dossier on public art in Germany and Egypt

Dossier: Portraits of Chinese and German Artists   deutschenglish中文(简体)中文(繁體)

A portrayal of Chinese and German artists from the fields of art, literature, music, theatre and film

Reading Promotion in Southeast Europe   deutschΕλληνικάtürkçeromânabosanskiБългарскиhrvatskisrpski

With this website we want to give our partners the opportunity to present successful activities regarding encouraging reading and to share their experience with other colleagues.

Double Burden   deutschhrvatski

This project in five countries will introduce new methods which may enable young people to learn about past through cultural education.

Bücher, über die man spricht   deutschPolskičeskymagyar한국어

New books on the German market
© colourbox.com

Dossier: Cultural Education   deutschmagyar

Taking part rather than merely watching: cultural projects in Hungary and Germany want to do more than simply present art.
© Line Hoven

Weblog: Online Book Club   english

Read, discover, discuss – the Online Book Club is for anyone interested in literature and regularly presents a new book for you to read and discuss.

German Cities and Landscapes   deutschenglish

High-tech and nature, sports and culture: Germany has many different facets. In our exhibition "German Cities and Landscapes," we present a small selection from this diversity.
Foto (Ausschnitt): © Colourbox.de

Dossier: Museums in the 21st Century   deutschрусский

Art from 3D printers and virtual content – what’s it like visiting museums in Russia and Germany nowadays?

1914–18   deutschenglish

Offering a wide variety of views and perspectives, the Goethe-Institut reflects on the consequences and implications of the First World War era

SPIELTRIEB!   deutschenglishlietuviškaiPolskiSlovenščina

In a series of events, the Goethe-Institut illuminates the significance of play in art, science and society.

60 Jahre Goethe-Institut Turin   deutschitaliano

Das Goethe-Institut Turin wird 60 Jahre. Feiern Sie mit uns ein programmreiches Jubiläumsjahr!

German Film Festival 2014   deutschlietuviškai

Recent films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

50 years Goethe-Institut Osaka   deutsch日本語

50 years of successful cultural work: The Goethe-Institut Osaka celebrates its birthday!

Berlinale Blog 2014   deutschenglish

International film journalists covering the Berlinale for Goethe.de post news and views here on films, filmmakers and their favourites for the Golden and Silver Bears.

Dossier: Foundations in Culture and Society   deutschSlovenščina

More and more foundations take over the role and functions previously served by the state.

From the very beginning   deutschčesky

The book and poster exhibition of the Goethe-Institut Prague is presenting current German-language books for children and young people.

DEUTSCH 3.0 – Debatten über Sprache und ihre Zukunft   deutsch

Conference series by Goethe-Institut, Stifterverband, Institute for the German Language and Duden, exploring from multiple perspectives
Mitmachelement im Raum „Der gläserne Mensch“ des Deutschen Hygiene-Museum in Dresden; © Sandra Neuhaus/DHM

Dossier: The Body   deutschdansk

In our society the role of the body is constantly redefined. How do we think and talk about the body today, how do we picture it?
Straßenlichter; © Kevin Dooley, CC BY 2.0, via flickr

Dossier: Red   deutschenglish中文(简体)中文(繁體)

A striking and symbolic colour: German and Chinese artists and scholars write about the colour red.

MO(NU)MENT - A Digital Map of Remembrance   deutschlietuviškaiPolskičeskymagyarslovensky

Click through our digital map of remembrance and discover the diversity of European munuments and symbols!

MTL/MUC Cities Blog   deutschenglishfrançais

On the way through their respective cities, the urban bloggers keep an eye out for street corners, shop windows and outdoor cafés – Eric in Montreal and Verena in Munich.
© Goethe-Institut Cairo

Cultures in Translation   deutschعربي

German books translated into Arabic. Find out information about authors, publishers, translators and the book market.

Cultural education   deutschLatviskičeskymagyar

How best to introduce young audiences to culture? Opinions and projects relating to cultural education from Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


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