The Goethe-Institut strengthens the dialogue and cooperation of international literary relations and contributes to disseminating German literature abroad. The Literature and Translation Promotion Division sees itself as a consultant and motivator for the Goethe-Instituts abroad as well as sponsors of literature presentation interested in international alliances.

The primary focus of the division’s work is on quality assurance, solidifying and expanding the partner network, coordinating major, cross-border projects as well as preparing and co-organizing book fair appearances at home and aboard. In its work, the division is supported by a committee made up of stakeholders in the book trade and literature.

Translation grants

The Goethe-Institut’s translation grant programme “Translations of German books into other languages” provides support to non-German publishers for the publication of translated German titles. The programme has been running for nearly 35 years, during which time we have provided financial support for the publication of around 5,000 books in 45 languages.

The information portal aimed at globally presenting contemporary German literature contains discussions of recent German-language literature in the fields of fiction and non-fiction as well as books for children and young people. In addition to information about German-language authors and publishers, the portal also offers its own translation grant programme for the respective focus region.

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