Driving force for current topics

The Goethe-Institut monitors subject matter being hotly discussed in the fields of the humanities, and social and cultural sciences and debated in feuilletons, the media and the public. It tracks socially relevant issues that researchers in Germany and Europe are examining most intensely. It identifies thematic focal points resulting from local or global social and political trends or from the recurrence of significant events. These are also reflected in the event programmes of the institutes abroad.

At present, the focus is on such things as the relationship between culture and climate change, culture and economics and culture and conflicts. Other important, enduring themes include immigration, labour, religions, the culture of remembrance and gender.
The Goethe-Institut also offers programmes for subject matter-related journeys by disseminators from overseas to Germany as well as advanced training courses for Goethe-Institut staff.

Cooperation partners abroad and in Germany

For projects dealing with topics from the fields of science and current affairs, the Goethe-Institut cooperates and enters into dialogue with institutions, initiatives, foundations, the media, independent cultural institutes as well as intellectuals worldwide and in Germany. Research institutions in Germany involved in a regular dialogue form the network “Deutschland denkt”.

Organizer of innovative formats

The Goethe-Instituts worldwide invite intellectuals and experts from science, the arts, society and media and include them in various forms of discourse in the local cultural programmes. Special emphasis is laid on promoting young academics who have already demonstrated outstanding expertise in their fields.

When conveying scientific themes, the focus is on public academics, for instance in the form of public lectures, readings or talks with young academics in the scope of a residency programme.

Special programmes

The Goethe-Instituts abroad and the division in the head office actively follow up on alumni in the scope of special programmes commissioned by the government ministries. These academics live abroad but completed parts of their education in Germany.

Moreover, the Goethe-Institut particularly promotes dialogue with the Muslim world and other regions. The Goethe-Institut is an enduring and reliable partner in this and its worldwide network and local presence give it the best contacts with civil societies and cultural institutions. The projects strengthen civilian and cultural-policy structures to achieve lasting stability and prevent conflicts.

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