Institute for European Politics (Institut für Europäische Politik, IEP)

Institution Institute for European Politics
Location Berlin
Themes fundamental issues and institutional developments of the EU, expansion and deepening of the EU, European security and defence policy, foreign policy and security policy
Orientation Analysis of current problems in the light of long-term developmental trends in European policy
Founded 1959 (as a non-profit organisation)

© IEP The IEP researches European integration and works at the interface between academia, politics, administration and political education. It is one of the leading research institutes in Germany on foreign and European policy. The IEP's mission is to scientifically investigate the problems of European politics and integration process, propose ways forward and promote the practical implementation of its research findings.

The IEP is a strategic partner of the European Commission and is supported financially by the Commission. Currently, approx. 30 research staff members work in the areas of research, political education and training, as well as event organisation and publishing.
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