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Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research e.V. (Heidelberger Institut für Internationale Konfliktforschung, HIIK)

Institution Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research
Location Heidelberg
Themes war, historical transformation of conflicts within and between states, violent and non-violent conflicts
Orientation combination of qualitative description and quantitative-comparative research on global, non-violent and violent political conflict events
Founded 1991 (as a non-profit public-service association)

© HIS The HIIK at the Institute for Political Science of the University of Heidelberg is focused on researching, documenting and evaluation of conflicts within states and international conflicts. It developed out of the research project KOSIMO (Konflikt-Simulations-Modell / conflict simulation model). The HIIK gathers information on political conflicts from 1945 in the KOSIMO data bank. This data bank contains information on over 500 conflicts in more than 2,500 sub-phases. The HIIK annually publishes its "Conflict Barometer" as a comprehensive summary of non-violent and violent conflict events internationally.
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