German Youth Institute (Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V. , DJI)

Institution German Youth Institute (DJI)
Location Munich, Halle
Themes family, children's and youth policy, gender policy
Orientation social science research, long-term studies
Founded 1963 (as a public service association by a resolution of the German Parliament)

© DJI The German Youth Institute (DJI) is the largest non-university social science research institute in the area of children, young people and the family nationwide. The DJI's field of activity is situated in the field of tension between research, policy making and practice. In addition to its research, the DJI also carries out its mission in the areas of information, service and consultation. Over 140 research staff members conduct long-term, systematic studies on the life situations of children, young people, women, men and families, as well as providing public offers relevant to their support and promotion. The DJI offers consultancy on policy making and practice of assistance for children, young people and families based on its research.

The DJI organises conferences and provides information in numerous print and online publications and also contributes to the Federal Government's youth and family reports. It is primarily financed by the Federal Government, but also by the states, the European Commission and by research sponsoring institutions.
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