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Science within a Cultural Exchange

  • Part and parcel of an effective foreign cultural and educational policy is a foreign scientific policy.
  • The Goethe Institute is represented with branch offices in many countries all over the world, countries towards which Germany has a special historical responsibility. As such, we/the institution continues to uphold a tradition of cooperation in the area of culture and education whose central theme is trust and openness.
  • All too often, German science, when it is represented in international contexts, leaves something to be desired. Many events, such as conferences, seminars and workshops, which are planned and organized by the institutes in cooperation with scientists and academics from Germany, raise issues of specialist interest and produce results which are relevant not only at the local level.
    In an era of global knowledge networking, the Goethe Institute thus helps initiate cooperation with local research groups, while at the same time supporting the interests of German science worldwide.
  • Through its "German Think Tank" network, the Goethe Institute is doing its bit to involve Germany in international scientific developments. The network illustrates one of the particular strengths of the German research scene – its diversity.
    The interfaces between university-based and non-university research are also of especial interest.
  • By constantly advancing and enhancing this initiative and establishing links with meetings and institutions at the sites of the Goethe Institutes around the world, we give a thematic impetus which extends both beyond Germany's boundaries and, in return, stimulates the German research environment. The "German Think Tank" network is being continuously widened and extended. In this way, the Goethe Institute is able to play its part in shaping the globalization of science.