Ecologic Institute

Institution Ecologic Institut
Location Berlin, Brussels, Vienna and Washington D.C.
Themes environmental policy, climate change, energy policy
Orientation applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultation
Founded 1995

The Ecologic Institute is an independent think tank for applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultation. As a private public service institute, it brings new ideas into environmental policy, promotes sustainable development and seeks to improve environmental policy practice.

Among the institute's goals is strengthening the importance of environmental and nature conservancy as well as sustainable resource management in foreign and security policy, in international relations and Global Governance structures. Through its research and publications, the institute seeks to contribute to the understanding of the political, economic and technological processes underlying global transformation. The institute is an associate member in the network of Institutes for European Environmental Policy (IEUP). The institute is financed primarily through its projects on environmental policy and other policy areas.
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