Urban Development

Georg-Simmel-Centre for Metropolitan Studies (Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung, GSZ)

Copyright: Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung
Institution Georg-Simmel-Centre for Metropolitan Studies
Location Berlin
Themes historical, current and future metropolitan developments
Orientation interdisciplinary research
Founded 2005

Copyright: Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung Representatives of numerous areas of the humanities, social, natural and life sciences of Berlin's Humboldt University are affiliated with the Georg-Simmel-Centre for Metropolitan Studies (GSZ). The GSZ brings together the research competencies of individual disciplines as they relate to urban and metropolis studies, and combines them into interdisciplinary and interdepartmental activities in research and teaching. This diversity of disciplines gives rise to innovative approaches to understanding historical, current and future developments of metropolises.

Core research themes focus on different perspectives on the city: high culture vs. subculture, commercial culture vs. counterculture as well as expansions caused by migration. Segregation and social inequality in contrast to so-called "scapes" (new forms of appropriation aimed at counteracting community formation) are also viewed as significant research topics. New forms of inequality in cities, social polarisation, New Urban Governance as well as urban shrinkage are also research subjects. The GSZ is international in orientation as Germany has scarcely any cities that count as metropolises. Among other issues, the topic of Eastern Europe is to be addressed in greater depth, as this region has seen astonishing developments in its cities in the past two decades, and in which European urbanisation plays a prominent role.
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