Institute for the Study of Contemporary Religions (Institut zur Erforschung der religiösen Gegenwartskultur, IrG)

Institution Institute for the Study of Contemporary Religions
Location Bayreuth
Themes manifestations and trends of contemporary religious cultures
Orientation research in the areas of religious studies and the cultural sciences
Founded 1996

© Institut zur Erforschung der religiösen Gegenwartskultur (IrG) The Institute for the Study of Contemporary Religions (IrG) analyses contemporary religious culture, in particular the evolution of religiosities rooted in the world of everyday life.

The institute's research is primarily descriptive, but does not exclude normative and theological issues. Primary research emphases are on religiosity from the perspective of religious studies, religion in public life, religion and ethics/morals in cross-cultural perspective as well as therapy and the healing arts in contemporary religious culture.

Starting in 2004, the IrG has increasingly directed its attention to comparative research on Europe-wide processes. The IrG is in contact with a range of academic partners in order to maintain international and interdisciplinary research contexts. A central focal point is the question of how situations of religious pluralism manifest in the practice of the various EU member states.
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