Interdisciplinary Forum on Religion (Interdisziplinäres Forum Religion, IFR)

Copyright: IrG
Institution Interdisciplinary Forum on Religion
Location Erfurt
Themes interdisciplinary research on religion, religion as a cultural resource in conflict situations, religions in Europe, religions in coexistence, etc.
Orientation internationally oriented interdisciplinary teaching and research on religion
Founded 2004

© IFR The Interdisciplinary Forum on Religion (IFR) is a core institute of the University of Erfurt, with about 30 professors and 65 young researchers from all faculties of the university as well as from the Max Weber Center. The IFR's purpose is to study the significance of religions and their evolution in the course of history and in contemporary society.

The IFR's religion-related research is characterised by cooperation among Protestant theology, Catholic theology, comparative religious studies, Islamic studies, Judaism studies, Orthodox Christianity, and historical, literary and social sciences. At present, religion as a cultural resource in conflict situations and religions in cohabitation are important themes.
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