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Generation Research Programme (Generation Research Program (GRP)

Institution Generation Research Program
Location Bad Tölz
Themes improvement of the quality of life of older people
Orientation intergenerational basic research, application of knowledge in the medical field and developing concepts for innovative technologies
Founded 2001

Copyright: GRP The Generation Research Program (GRP) of Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, is a programme funded by the High-Tech Offensive of Bavaria for research on psychological and medical issues relating to aging. This interdisciplinary programme studies the ability to function and quality of life of human beings throughout the various stages of life. In addition, it deals with the conception of innovative technologies aimed at making life easier for both older healthy persons and those who are ill.

In the area of technology, the institute's research focuses on improving the quality of life of older people through optimisation of, or new developments in technologies. Here, research-based knowledge about sight, hearing, memory and motor skills flow into the development of user-friendly, i.e. easy-to-use technology, which is tested in practice for serviceability and acceptance.
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