Macroeconomic Policy Institute (Institut für Makroökonomie und Konjunkturforschung, IMK)

Copyright: IMK
Institution Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK)
Location Düsseldorf
Topics Analysis of the labour market, educational research, migration as well as energy and environmental economics
Orientation Empirical research, consulting
Establishment 2005

The IMK was established in 2005 to strengthen the macroeconomic perspective in both economic research and the economic policy debate. The Institute analyses business cycle phenomena on the basis of a coherent quantitative model framework. The focus lies on empirical research. It is based both on demand-oriented and supply-oriented approaches of modern economic theory as well as the latest econometric methods.
As an independent economic research institute, the IMK is committed to working according to scientific principles. In order to ensure a high level of academic research, the Institute cooperates closely with universities and research institutes in Germany and abroad and submits itself to regular evaluations by an independent academic advisory council. The IMK presents its research work regularly at international conferences and workshops. The results are published in IMK publications, books and refereed specialist journals.
In addition to its academic research, the Institute focuses on economic policy consulting. The IMK competes with other research institutions to acquire research assignments put out to public tender. Being part of the Hans Böckler Foundation, the Institute is financed mainly by Foundation funds. This basic funding ensures maximum freedom in research.
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