Academy and Studying in Germany

Felix Kraus and Bianca Kennedy“; © Südpol-Redaktionsbüro/Anne-Kathrin Gebert

Art Education in Germany – A Free Space for Creativity

The course of study entitled Free Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich gives its students a maximum of free space for their development. Just how much creativity this unleashes can be seen at the annual summer exhibition.More ...
HPI Logo; © HPI

„Design Thinking“ – the Potsdam Think Tank

At the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam graphic designers, IT engineers, business graduates and sociologists learn, how to develop smarter ideas.More ...
Student working in an university library; Photo: Südpol-Redaktionsbüro / A. Vierecke

Reforms in higher education are driving young Hungarians to German universities

In view of the devastation of higher education in Hungary, the nation’s elite are turning their backs on the country.More ...
Student of AGK; © Tobias Barniske

Jewish Theology and Training in Germany

Jewish religious training is currently experiencing an unexpected boom in Germany. This is intended to serve as a basis for a Jewish community life which has no historical precedent in Germany.More ...
Section of the poster “Vielfalt” (diversity) by Alexandra Wilhelm, 3rd prize, 26th poster competition of the Association of German Student Services Organisations, 2012, FH Mainz, Prof. Dr. Isabel Naegele

How Humane Are Our Universities? Students With Chronic And Mental Illnesses

Universities have a duty to guarantee fair conditions for study. Many lecturers however can’t handle the situation.More ...
Detail of the promotional poster for the degree program Philosophy & Economics; © Universität Bayreuth

“Economics and …” – Philosophical Degree Courses with the Focus on Economics

Do we see the start of a new philosophical approach to economics?More ...
Bernd Stegmann and Björn Helbig, research assistant at the Future Institute, © Ute Zauft

Futurology: “We’re not fortune tellers”

At the Free University of Berlin, a master’s program unique in Germany has been educating futurologists since 2010. Björn Helbig and Bernd Stegmann of the Future Institute explain how you can study, and shape, the future.More ...
Photo: © dpa

Of Economizing and Redistribution – No Cuts in Education

In Greece, schools and universities are up to their necks in water, and in Portugal too. In Spain, school children, teachers and university students are protesting against massive cuts in education. And what about Germany?More ...
Logo of the Post Graduate Program Islamic Theology; © GKIT

Islam at German Universities? The Post Graduate Program Islamic Theology

Teachers of Islamic religious education can be found in Germany. A new PhD programme seeks to promote academic Islamic theology.More ...
Pupils conducting an experiment; © Isabell Freyschmidt

A Question of Image. Gender and Choice of Profession

Even today, fewer women than men choose to pursue a profession or course of study in the sciences. Companies, foundations and schools have launched a variety of initiatives intended to change this.More ...
Summer University event in Germany; © Internationale Universität

Learning to Communicate Environmental Issues: The International University

The International University provides training in audio-visual communication to those working in environmental professions and the media.More ...
Students in a lecture theatre; © Colourbox

Celebrated and Controversial: 40 Years of BAföG

For 40 years now, people from low-income families have been legally entitled to claim BAföG, Germany’s system of student loans and grants. In many cases, however, the funding provided is not sufficient.More ...
Doctoral caps; © Colourbox

In the Wake of the Plagiarism Scandals: Doctorates in Germany

A new discussion has flared up in German academic circles about how to prevent future cheating in doctoral theses.More ...
The main building of the University of Rostock; © Universität Rostock

From Rostock to Armenia - Exporting University Courses via the Internet

Since 2010 it has been possible for students in Armenia to take two Master’s courses at the University of Rostock – without having to leave Armenia.More ...
Cover of “Geschichte der Universität in Europa”; © C.H. Beck Verlag

Education through the Ages: The History of the University in Europe

The development of German universities leads in some ways back into the Middle Ages. That is only one fascinating aspect of the book series Geschichte der Universität in Europa (The History of the University in Europe).More ...
Erasmus-Logo ; © EU-Kommission

The EU’s Erasmus Exchange Programme – A Real Success Story

The Erasmus exchange programme for students and academics has been a roaring success.More ...
Logo of AcademiaNet; © AcademiaNet

Raising the Profile of Female Scholars: AcademiaNet

To increase the proportion of women in senior academic positions, the Robert Bosch Foundation and the publishing house Spektrum der Wissenschaft have jointly created the AcademiaNet Internet portal.More ...
ccm_pos0_teaser: HWR Berlin; © HWR Berlin

Making Differences Fruitful: Cross-Cultural Mentoring

Intercultural mentor programme: the Berlin School of Economics and Law presents integration as an attractive new product.More ...
Richard Münch; © privat

“New Management Attitudes Hinder Research”. Interview with Richard Münch

Education and scholarly research are currently undergoing a process of transformation. In his book on Global Elites, Local Authorities, Richard Münch criticizes this development.More ...
Talk Art with students of the Department „Choreography and Performance“ at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen; Photo: Jörg Schindler

On the Move – Dance Studies

German universities are offering a number of new Dance Studies courses. They take various approaches to attempting to combine theory and practice.More ...
Young researchers; © DFG

For Young Researchers: Twenty Years of Research Training Groups

The Research Training Groups of the German Research Foundation have been in existence for 20 years. A model that has permanently changed the fostering of young researchers.More ...
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