Filmcinebox for child and teenage refugees

Filmkoffer Bernhard Ludewig

How upsetting must it be to lose your childhood country? Leaving your family and friends behind, leaving your culture – familiar paths, odours, habits, the language you have grown up with? How do you make a strange country your new home?

Many foreigners come to Germany these days and struggle to get along here, in Germany, in Europe. We need to find ways to help them doing so.

Films can help finding access to different cultures and languages. The Filmcinebox CINEMANYA produced by the Goethe-Institut provides German films without dialogue, with German, Dari and Arabic subtitles or Dari and Arabic voice-over for educational film-work with child and teenage refugees.
We hope to support these children and teenagers in their first steps towards a new language and a new life.


The Goethe-Institut provides 40 Filmcineboxes which can be screened for child and teenage refugee audiences. The selection was curated by Michael Harbauer, director of the Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience.

The box includes 20 feature length films with Arabic, Dari and German subtitles or language versions. In addition, there are two animated and short film programs without dialogue. The box is supplemented by a booklet with educational instructions and suggestions how to prepare and discuss the screenings.
Cooperating partner is the German Federation for Films for Children and Young People (BJF), which is the largest organization for cultural work with films for children and young people in Germany.  BJF members include cultural centers, youth clubs as well as teachers and film and media experts.

Filmcinebox Locator

To find qualified people to work with the film program for child and teenage refugees, the BJF identified mentors within its network who have experience in working with refugees, have organized screenings in refugee camps, or have contact with cultural institutions that already work with refugees or plan to do so.

In two seminars in the Goethe-Institute's headquarters in Munich the mentors learnt about working with the reference booklet and were trained in trauma treatment as well as preparation and moderation of film screenings with child and teenage refugees.
Due to the severe issues of the films we strongly recommend to use the Filmcinebox with educational supervision only. It should, at best, serve an integrative purpose. Therefore it also includes films with sociopolitic topics which are not necessarily appropriate for newly arrived refugees but rather for refugees with residency status.


Cultural centers, schools, refugee camps and volunteers that are interested in a long term cooperation such as film days or workshops are requested to contact their nearest mentor. You find the contact details on our map of Germany or on our project partner´s website. Individual screenings cannot be granted at the moment due to licensing issues. 
For the state of Berlin/Brandenburg there is a special cooperation for schools with the Initiative of Literature Berlin (LIN). For questions please contact

PRIX JEUNESSE, a co-operation partner of the Goethe-Institut, offers a filmcinebox as well. The box “Children of the World” contains international television productions for a younger peer group (children up to 14). For these short television programs from different countries, language knowledge is not required as they are mostly nonverbal. Therefore subtitles or synchronization are not necessary. Organizations working with child refugees can order the filmcinebox free of charge for six weeks. For more information refer to:

Thank you!

Many thanks to all the firms and partners which supported us kindly during the development of our filmCinebox. Moreover special thanks to all the artists, firms and institutions which granted the Goethe-Institut the non-commercial screening rights for Germany in vain.
Without their dedication our filmCinebox would not have been possible:

SamFilm, The Walt Disney Company Germany, Switzerland and Austria,
Constantin Film AG, Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH, deutschfilm,
Senator Film, DCM, MFA+ Film Distribution, Lieblingsfilm GmbH /München,
Wild Bunch Germany, Barnsteiner, farbfilm verleih GmbH,
CLAUSSEN+PUTZ FILMPRODUKTION/Munich, Matthias Film, Universum
Film GmbH, blue eyes Fiction/Munich, Daniel Faigle, Kunsthochschule
Kassel, Olaf Held, Filmuniversität Babelsberg „Konrad Wolf“, Aug&Ohr
Medien, Johannes Weiland, Stefan Eling, FWU Institut für Film und Bild
in Wissenschaft und Unterricht gemeinnützige GmbH, Georg Gruber, Milen
Vitanov, Moving Pictures, Susan Hoffmann, Studio Filmbilder, Sathya
Schlösser, Katholisches Filmwerk GmbH, radl animation, Filmakademie
Baden-Württemberg, Wolkenlenker UG, Falk Schuster, absolut Medien