Residencies abroad

Residencies abroad

One of the Goethe-Institut’s main objects is to boost intercultural exchange and international cultural networks through collaborative projects and coproductions. Artists performing or giving workshops abroad usually don’t stay there long enough to thoroughly explore local musical forms and styles or start up long-term projects there. So, since 2009, the Goethe-Institut has been funding residencies of up to six weeks’ duration for musical artists abroad.
Both professional musicians/composers based in Germany, and Goethe-Instituts abroad, are eligible for a grant.

The objects of a residency abroad may be:

  • To undertake research and preparations for extensive artistic productions in Germany and/or the host country
  • To prepare and/or execute joint compositions/coproductions with partners in Germany and/or the host country
  • To network with artists and cultural “multipliers”

Prerequisites for eligibility:

  • The project should be embedded in the local music scene in the host country.
  • It should have a significant effect on the music scene in the host country and/or in Germany.
  • Artists applying for a grant must be prepared to work with the local Goethe-Institut to develop joint event formats such as workshops, lectures, concerts etc. during their residency.
  • Duration of stay from two to a maximum of six weeks
  • Prior to application, no firm reservations must be made for travel or accommodations (e.g. flights, hotels) that are to be covered by the grant requested.
  • Applicants will be selected partly on the basis of the cultural policy priorities and guidelines laid down by the German Federal Foreign Office. Preference will therefore be given to residencies – subject to expert endorsement – in regions prioritized by the Foreign Office’s cultural policies.

The following are not eligible for funding:

Required documents:

  1. Comprehensive project description incl.:
    • Brief description of your exact project, substantive goals of your residency abroad and your project’s connection to the host country's music scene
    • Detailed itinerary (including time frame and planned duration of trip and list of places, people and institutions etc. to be visited)
    • Information about other partners, if any, and their role in the project (esp. for coproductions)
    • Brief description of any possible cooperation with the responsible Goethe-Institut abroad
  2. Artist biography
  3. Budget/financial plan (incl. information about costs covered and contributions by local partners and any third-party funding)
  4. Recent audio recording (link)

Goethe-Institut funding and support:

  • Grant to cover travel expenses, as a rule for one person only
  • Allowance for room and board and other expenses
  • Assistance from the local Goethe-Institut, if required and as far as possible, in administrative and organizational matters


As a rule, applications should be submitted four to six months before the start of the project. Artists who have been awarded a residency may not apply for another Goethe-Institut residency for three full calendar years thereafter, regardless of the destination. 
Projects already initiated, i.e. for which travel arrangements (e.g. flights) have already been booked, are not eligible for funding. So, before making any binding reservations, you are required to submit an informal request (by e-mail or with your application) for authorization to make early arrangements for the project. The Goethe-Institut’s approval of such a request, however, does not constitute a firm commitment to award any funding.
Applicants have no legal entitlement to funding. Any funds we provide are a voluntary contribution to projects that are closely in line with the objectives of the German Federal Government's foreign cultural and educational policies and that would not be feasible without such support.
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Applications must be submitted by the Cultural Funding Application.

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