Music education projects abroad

Music education projects abroad

The Goethe-Institut partners with artists and institutions abroad to promote and co-develop music education projects and advanced training schemes for music instructors, choirmasters, instrumentalists and composers in those countries.

Prerequisites for eligibility:

  • Professional musician with proven teaching and workshop experience
  • Invitation from an independent partner in the host country
  • Artistic exchange must be central to the project.
  • A sensible educational programme/teaching method developed for the target group

The following are NOT ELIGIBLE for funding:

  • Fundraising projects for a charitable cause
  • Educational outreach projects
  • Travel chiefly for touristic purposes and/or family reasons
  • Folklore events
  • Projects aimed at spreading partisan, religious or ideological views
  • Projects organized by commercial agencies/organizers

Required documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Detailed project description including educational programme/teaching method
  • Detailed timetable and schedule
  • Letter of invitation
  • Artist biography


Applications may be submitted at any time, though not later than six weeks before the start of the project.
Projects already initiated, i.e. for which travel arrangements (e.g. flights) have already been booked, are generally not eligible for funding. So, before making any binding reservations, you are required to submit a request for authorization to make early arrangements for the project. The Goethe-Institut’s approval of such a request, however, does not constitute a firm commitment to award any funding.
As a rule, the Goethe-Institut will not fund the entire project and will only award travel grants.
Applicants have no legal entitlement to financial support. Any funds we provide are a voluntary contribution to projects that are closely in line with the objectives of the German Federal Government's foreign cultural and educational policies.
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