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DLL 1-17© Goethe-Institut

Deutsch Lehren Lernen®

  • Advanced teacher training and professional development course offered by the Goethe-Institut
  • Qualifications for teachers of German as a Foreign Language and German as a Second Language
  • Establishment and development of teaching competence
  • Observation of your own lessons and other teachers (with videos)
  • Reflection and optimisation of teaching methods


DLL at a glance

What is DLL?

Deutsch Lehren Lernen© or DLL for short is an advanced training course for teachers of German as a Foreign Language and German as a Second Language.

The current didactic theory in DLL aims to improve teaching competence and allow teachers to gain a formal GFL qualification. Ideas and approaches from the training course can be applied directly in a practical scenario.

Teaching methods are optimised by observing and reflecting on their own lessons – as well as lessons taught by other teachers, thanks to video recordings from around the world – and using these resources to identify alternative teaching strategies and try them out.

Who is DLL for?

DLL is aimed at teachers of German as a Foreign Language or German as a Second Language, with or without teaching experience.

Even without a degree in German or GFL, teachers can develop their competence with units in the DLL series. The entry requirement is German at level B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Working through these units will have a particularly favourable outcome for teachers if they already teach, have teaching experience, or have completed work experience or observations in German lessons.

Welche Inhalte bietet DLL? ©GettyImages

What resources does DLL offer?

DLL is a series of ten GFL units and three GSL units, which follow a competence and practice-oriented advanced training concept and can be completed independently of each other. All units include aspects such as how to deliver skills, grammar and vocabulary, phonetics, media didactics etc.

The core is formed by around 400 teaching videos, which provide authentic insights into classrooms all around the world.

All DLL units are available to buy in printed format. Alternatively you can work through them online on the Goethe-Institut learning platform.

Wie nimmt man teil? ©GettyImages

How to participate?

The local Goethe-Instituts offer DLL group training sessions. They are mostly held online. Face-to-face events are another option, as well as blended learning formats.

You can also do an individual DLL course online. To do this, either book specific units as required or choose one of the DLL packages.

Some universities abroad have a DLL university cooperation agreement with the local Goethe-Institut and offer DLL as part of their teacher training courses or German degrees.

Students are supported by qualified DLL trainers across all course formats.

© Goethe-Institut; DLL

More about DLL

Would you like to find out more?
You can find more information about Deutsch Lehren Lernen here:



The online continuing education programs DLL PREMIUM and DLL MODULAR are offered in partnership with the University of Jena, which organizes complementary in-person seminars. Learn more.

Ernst Klett Sprachen

More information on the content of individual units can be found on Ernst Klett Sprachen website.