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Student Teacher Placement in Schools Abroad

SCHULWÄRTS! arranges and provides funding for the placement of student teachers at Goethe-Institut partner schools abroad. Student and (prospective) teachers of any school type and subject combination are eligible for placement. Student teachers receive individualized support before, during and after their placement.

About the SCHULWÄRTS! programme, applications and reports on placement experience

The SCHULWÄRTS! programme

You’ll find information here about the programme’s goals and target group as well as the components of the SCHULWÄRTS! grant and the placement process.


If you’d like to apply for a SCHULWÄRTS! placement, you’ll find complete information about the required application documents and access to our application portal here.

Reports on placement experience

During their placement, student teachers get an inside look at school systems abroad. Find out more about their experiences in their blog posts. (in German)


If you still have any unanswered questions about the SCHULWÄRTS! programme (application, credits/certification, preparation for placement and what placement involves), you’re bound to find answers here.

Placement countries

SCHULWÄRTS! placements are possible in over 40 countries. Each country profile provides information about the country, the role of German and available placement periods there. (in German)

Select country

SCHULWÄRTS! placements are also possible in Pakistan and Tunisia.

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Research and evaluation

Research Hub

SCHULWÄRTS! also engages in research into the benefits of efforts to internationalize teacher training. Our SCHULWÄRTS! Research Hub is a collaborative nationwide project in Germany that seeks to make an empirically based contribution to research on teacher training. (In German)


A 2017/18 report on the SCHULWÄRTS! programme was the first study to evaluate its effectiveness and importance for student teachers, universities and schools in Germany and abroad. You can start the page flow here and click through our findings. (In German)

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SCHULWÄRTS! on Instagram

Follow us at #schulwaerts on Instagram and find out about the experiences of our student teachers and alumni.


Tel.: +49 89 15921-786


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