Cultural Education and Discourse

Leuphana Universität/ Goethe-Institut Photo: Loredana La Rocca

Cultural education and discourse play a decisive role in the understanding and self-reflection of societies. Cultural workers, scientists, scholars and journalists are seismographs and co-creators of social changes. The Goethe-Institut makes available platforms and meeting places, cooperates with partners and experts worldwide, bolsters developments – for example in the field of the cultural and creative industries – and fosters social discourse, thereby developing and testing innovative event formats.


The cultural education programme of the Goethe-Institut provides qualifications for cultural workers, advises cultural institutions and networks actors with one another and with corresponding initiatives in Germany. In addition to cooperating with cultural institutions, television channels and schools, the programme also works together with universities and state and federal ministries.

Cultural Management Programmes worldwide

The division Cultural Education and Discourse provides digital and regional qualification- and networking programmes in cultural management in order to professionalise cultural workers and to foster the development of cultural infrastructure.

Arthink Southasia
Cultural Leadership Academy Ukraine
Kulturakademie Nordafrika/Nahost
Kulturmanagement Bulgarien
Kulturmanagement Ramallah
Land der Festivals (German version)
MOOC Managing the Arts
Master of Arts in Arts & Cultural Management


The discourse programme of the Goethe-Institut tracks issues under discussion by the public at large, the media and the sciences and humanities. It identifies questions of importance to society and sets thematic impulses arising from social and political developments and significant anniversaries. Of particular importance is the promotion of young experts who have shown outstanding ability in their fields.

Imprisonment during the Spaziergangsdemo in Dezember 1966 Copyright: Gretchen Dutschke-Klotz

1968 and Europe's new right

A conference on 7 November 2018 in Hamburg will discuss the consequences of the 1968 movement for Europe and especially the question: How did we move from left to right?

Nationaltheater Weimar Photo: Thomas Müller

100 years Weimar

The Weimar Constitution – An Impulse for Current International Debates
A symposium organised by the Goethe-Institut, the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft and the DNT, February 2, 2019