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Please use this form to apply online. The information you supply in this application form will go to the relevant Goethe-Institut in your own country as well as to the Goethe-Institut's head office in Munich.

Please include the following documents, all of which may be uploaded at the end of this form (maximum 2 MB per document):

  • Foreign rights agreement
  • Contract with the translator
  • Rationale of the project
  • Information about the translator

Please send
  • a PDF version of the German original per e-mail to
  • two copies of the German book to:
    Goethe-Institut e.V. 
    Bereich 33 
    For the attention of Andreas Schmohl 
    Dachauer Str. 122 
    80637 Munich 

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Please use only German or English to fill in the application form and select your country's Goethe-Institut from the drop-down box "E-mail to" below.

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The rationale shall answer the following questions: 1) Why do you want to translate this work? Have other works by this author already been translated? 2) Which other authors do you publish? Do these include German authors? 3) Why does the project need financial support?

Please send us a list of his/her published translations from the German.

Terms and conditions

  • The translation must be made from the original German-language text.
  • The original German-language text must already have been published in print form by a German publisher.
  • Translations are only eligible for support if they have not yet gone to press at the point when the grant contract is signed.
  • The publisher of the translation must name the Goethe Institute as sponsor in the book's imprint and must reproduce the Goethe Institute logo. If this requirement is not met, the Goethe Institute reserves the right to withhold payment of the grant.
  • If a grant is awarded, only such translation fees as will already have been paid to the translator by the time of publication may be taken into account when the amount of the grant is being determined.

Data protection terms

  • The publisher assures that he has fulfilled all data protection obligations towards the translators specified in the application.
  • Goethe-Institut e.V. assures to use the personal data of the publishing house (email address and contact person) exclusively for the purpose of operating the translation grant programme.

After you have clicked Send, please wait until a pop-up window appears confirming receipt of your application. Depending on the file-size of your documents and the speed of your internet connection, this may take some minutes.

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