DJ Rachael and Sarah Farina put on some music at “Mirembe Rhythm” in Kampala, organized by Goethe-Zentrum  Kampala DJ Rachael and Sarah Farina put on some music at “Mirembe Rhythm” in Kampala, organized by Goethe-Zentrum Kampala | Photo (detail): © Derrick Kabuye The Goethe-Institut promotes a wide range of contemporary music in Germany and exchange between performing artists in Germany and abroad. Every year, we provide funding and support for concerts and tours, master classes, workshops and symposiums for a great many projects involving professional as well as amateur and up-and-coming young musicians. Our efforts extend to every genre of current-day German music, ranging from early and classical music to jazz, rock and pop music as well as electronica, sound art and contemporary classical music.

Every year the Goethe-Institut provides support for roughly a thousand projects featuring professional musicians working in every musical style and genre. Many of these projects involve collaboration between Goethe-Instituts abroad and their local partners, such as festivals, concert venues and clubs. Other projects are launched by our Music Division in association with partners in Germany. Our funding for professional music projects targets professional musicians based in Germany or in developing or transition countries.
Furthermore, over eight million young and amateur musicians play or sing in a choir or orchestra, in a rock band, jazz combo or chamber music group in Germany. Every year, the Goethe-Institut provides support for three to four hundred projects involving concert tours, “get-acquainted” concerts or workshops given abroad by these German ensembles together with local musical partners.

We attach equal importance to our efforts to promote artists in other countries. There are countless talented musicians in developing and transition countries that often lack suitable training facilities and qualified instructors. In view of this situation, the Goethe-Institut and our partners in the target countries support and develop a wide range of music education projects and programmes. We also provide funding and support for musicians from abroad to perform in Germany.

Virtual Partner Residencies

For the duration of the corona pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, professional musical artists from Germany and abroad are eligible for funding for virtual partner residencies...

International Coproduction Fund

With the International Coproduction Fund, the Goethe-Institut aims to encourage new collaborative working processes and innovative productions in intercultural exchange. This Fund targets professional artists, ensembles and initiatives abroad and in Germany working in the fields of theatre, dance, music and performance art.

Travel grants

Professional musicians and ensembles’ performing abroad

We support professional musicians and ensembles’ performing abroad by providing partial funding for their projects in the form of a travel grant.

Music projects abroad: young and amateur ensembles

Our efforts to promote music projects abroad also target young and amateur ensembles and choirs that are planning collaborative projects abroad. They may be eligible for a travel grant. 

Music projects with artists from abroad in Germany

This funding is to provide support for professional, amateur or young ensembles from developing and transition countries to perform in Germany.


Residencies abroad

Professional musicians and composers based in Germany may be eligible for funding for a residency abroad.

Residencies in Germany

Professional musicians and composers from developing and transition countries may be eligible for funding for a residency in Germany.

Music education projects abroad

The Goethe-Institut provides support for professional musicians when they choose to teach music or engage in other educational projects abroad.

Unsolicited applications

Professional musicians and ensembles based in Germany should feel free to send unsolicited information material about themselves and recent audio recordings (links) to the Goethe-Institut Music Division by e-mail. We will contact you if any opportunity for an engagement arises.