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Das Goethe - Webfehler

Isla Haddow-Flood Foto (Detail): Habib M'henni/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 4.0

“If there’s inequality in the analogue world, it’s the same for the digital world”

Hardly anyone in Africa writes for Wikipedia – especially not women. Isla Haddow-Flood wants to change that. We spoke to her about the “Wiki Loves Women” project.

Juan Carlos Rincón © Goethe-Insititut e. V.

Juan Carlos Rincón
Social activism and engagement on the Internet

Juan Carlos Rincón is co-creator of the video column “La Pulla” of the newspaper “El Espectador”, which is published in Colombia. In the interview, he talks about social activism and commitment on the Internet, about attacks and censorship attempts against “La Pulla” and about the role played by the mother newspaper “El Espectador”.

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The future – always one step ahead, unreachable, yet constantly present in a way. What will our daily lives be like tomorrow? What stories will we tell ourselves? What will we believe in?


At the threshold to a new era

Ethical, social and political questions arising in a new era

Focus: Science Fiction  

Science Fiction

Sci-Fi with its techno-future visions often leads us into magical realms of the (still) unimaginable and inexplicable. Sci-Fi can also remind us of the familiar, be a mirror, a look into the here and now. What makes the genre in Germany and China is what this focus is all about.