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German trainer A1 Graphic: Goethe-Institut

German trainer A1

How do I count or tell the time in German? What is this dish called? How do I say please and thank you? This app for level A1 is a great way to start learning German, free of charge. The focus is on listening, reading, writing and learning important first words.

City of Words

The app is currently being updated. It will be available again soon.

Our learning app guides you through a fictional "Stadt der Wörter" (City of Words). In interactive exchange with other players, the free app teaches vocabulary at the A1/A2 level.

Vocabulary trainer app

Vocabulary trainer app

Learn German on the go with the Goethe-Institut’s vocabulary trainer app. The Goethe-Institut’s new mobile vocabulary trainer helps you to practise and improve your German by adding new words to your vocabulary even on the go.

Further offers

Ticket nach Berlin © Goethe-Institut

Ticket nach Berlin

Six candidates, two teams, one goal: Berlin. On their journey through Germany six young learners of German face thrilling challenges.

Our Street © Goethe-Institut

Our Street

Discover Germany and learn German in the comfort of your own home! In this online game, you can click through the streets of a German town and find out more about the people who live and work there.

German Cities and Landscapes © Goethe-Institut

German Cities and Landscapes

High-tech and nature, sports and culture: Germany has many different faces.

24h Deutsch – Deutsch lernen mit Ida Photo: Kandismedia

24H German

The YouTube channel 24h Deutsch takes viewers on a tour through a typical day in Germany. Each hour of the day has one episode dedicated to it, with users accompanied by the young German teacher Ida. Besides providing an authentic insight into the life of young people in Germany, every episode addresses one aspect of learning German: be it grammar, curious facts about the language, learning strategies, tongue twisters, cursing, or the subjunctive II form.

Offers in Dubai

Stammtisch © Goethe-Institut Berlin

German "Stammtisch" in Dubai

Meet and mingle with native speakers from the Goethe-Institut and practice your German in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.