10 jours pour un film 2018

TITLE Glass House
SYNOPSIS Glass House is set in conflict-hit Bamenda, Northwest of Cameroon where the Anglophone Crisis has currently caused gaps in education. Jude, a university student, decides to get busy by raising a false alarm in the community.
ABOUT THE  AUTHOR Noella M. Ngunyam is a theatre actress, filmmaker, and communications professional. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts and Cinematography.

TITLE Neighbour
SYNOPSIS Solange has been standing on the balcony of her flat for several hours, constantly repeating the phrase: "angels don't swim, they fly". The residents of the building and passers-by wonder about this and some decide to help her. Together, they set out to get her out of the imaginary world she seems to be in, but some of the deepest ailments are not so easily cured.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Stella Tchuisse is a Cameroonian actress and filmmaker. As an actress, writer and director, she nurtures the desire to tell strong African stories for positive change. She directed her first short film in 2018 and three more in the following years.

TITLE Hassan
SYNOPSIS A young man fights for a second chance at life in a whole new world after going through a life changing process from his past career that lands him a prison term.
TITLE Reference
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Director and writer of “Rejeté” short film 2017. Co director of photography “pick pocket” short film 2017. Focus puller “the message” short film 2017.First camera assistant “WARD ZEE” feature film 2017. First camera assistant “A Good Time To Divorce” feature film 2017.Participant trophées francophones du cinéma Cameroun 2017.