10 jours pour un film 2019

TITLE Ngondo’h
SYNOPSIS BESSEM AYUK EYONG, a young talented, determined , aspiring photographer who wants to, make a living out of her passion; photography to support her family but her mother ARREY EYONG wants her to become a medical doctor regarding passion as a waste of time.
ABOUT THE  AUTHOR Born Nene Fembe on the 12/05/1993 . Has worked as a Production Assistant on ‘A Good Time To Divorce’

Fonjang mekano Chia
TITLE My future Self
SYNOPSIS STAINLESS, a young girl in her twenties tortures her mom for depriving her of education, motherly love and affection.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born on April 11, 1997 Actor, Poet, Storyteller, Sound Technician and Rapper Member of the ‘National Theatre Troupe’ Co-founder and Member of the Rainbow Interactive Theatre

TITLE Western
SYNOPSIS Kamdem, a young boy preyed upon by his peers and unable to find refuge with his school authorities and his father, allows himself to be influenced by the television which becomes his only mentor

TITLE Into the Den
SYNOPSIS Owona obtains a scholarship to study in Yaoundé, happy to escape his village where witchcraft reigns, he will realise that he cannot escape his destiny.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born on February 23, 1996 in Yaoundé Filmography 2019 Writer of the feature film "Massep" by Françoise Ellong.