10 jours pour un film 2020

TITLE Corina
SYNOPSIS Mr. Essola Luc is a company director, his opulence and his lascivious character play very unpleasant tricks on him. Last night he had a quarrel with a young schoolgirl called Corina, with whom he was having an unhealthy relationship. To get back at him, she decided to post her compromising photos on the web.
ABOUT THE  AUTHOR Lead actor in the feature film NAOUSSI - Supporting actor in the feature film LABYRINTHE DE LA RETRAITE. Cameraman in the short film CONFINED - Secondary actor and technician in the short film DILEMMA - Cameraman in the short film AFFAIRE CLASSE

TITLE Madame Maman
SYNOPSIS The arrival of the Covid-19 in the world has changed our way of life. Confinement has become king. Misery has had an effect on many lives unable to support themselves in third world countries. In some cases, we have seen Machiavellian minds harbouring ambitions to enrich themselves at the expense of naive souls, to make the virus their illicit business.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Assistant scriptwriter of the series life (2020) ASSIANT DIRECTOR of the series life (2020). Director of the short film la commande (2020) Co-producer of the feature film The Virtual Love (2020)

TITLE Frazzle
SYNOPSIS SEE brings the audience face to the reality of the Virus by presenting a family affected by it. It is the story of a man who at the beginning talks about hope as his family (wife and son) have been taken to the hospital as they tested positive to the virus.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Neville Diffouo Afong better known as Blake Nel is a professional writer, film director, actor, poet. award winning film maker of the 10 days for 1 film 2020 organised by the Goethe institute Kamerun with his short film SEE.