10 jours pour un film 2021

TITLE Covid Scar
SYNOPSIS A family headed by Mr John, are hit by the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic. Mr John, the victim just survived the deadly virus attack and is brought home but he returns home with a complete abnormal and scary behavior as an attempt to protect himself and family from the virus.
ABOUT THE  AUTHOR Physics and computer science degree programs participated in various jobs; computer/tech services and repairs retailer worked in building and construction marketer video making.
LINK (374) Covid Scar Ngala Brandon - YouTube

SYNOPSIS Christian Fanou is a former prisoner who has just been released from prison this morning. He immediately goes to his older brother's house but he is surprised to see his sister-in-law free. His sister-in-law, suspicious and distrustful, will cover him with many prejudices.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born on 26 January 1995. Actress in the films The Melodramatics (TV series, 2019) , The Retirement Labyrinth (feature film, 2020)

TITLE Toxique
SYNOPSIS Synopsis: Imagination is the beginning of creation. We imagine what we want, we want what we imagine, and finally, we create what we want.
TITLE Jericho
SYNOPSIS Rejected by nature itself and abandoned to his fate, a young man whose only inheritance from his parents is an incurable disease is guided by his destiny towards the answers to his many questions about the cruelty of the human race and the reason for his existence. He will have to face a surprising and shocking reality in order to achieve his goals, as his own life is no longer a priority.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR 21 years old, student in Performing Arts and Cinematography. Cameraman and video editor. Web designer.