Goethe-Découverte 2016

Artist name: Eboko et le Berger
Residence: Yaoundé
Show at the GI: 17.02.2016
Contact: info-yaounde@goethe.de

"The school of martyrs" traces the journey of two young unemployed persons, drowned in their dream of a better life at all costs and disgusted with a corrupted system. The young duo will eventually opt for violence and terror to voice their anger and rebellion.

  • Eboko Et Le Berger1 ©J.Gerbig
  • Leberger_2 ©J.Gerbig
  • Leberger_3 ©J.Gerbig
  • Leberger_4 ©J.Gerbig
  • Leberger_5 ©J.Gerbig
  • leberger6 ©J.Gerbig
  • leberger7 ©J.Gerbig
  • leberger9 ©J.Gerbig