Goethe-Découverte 2018

Artist name: Ebony
Residence: Yaoundé
Performance at  GI: 14.03.2018
Contact: ok4africa@gmail.com

Ebony Théâtre is a young artistic troupe created in 2017 in Douala and made up of young artists with a strong experience both in the development of theater projects and in the organization of cultural events.

  • 8O3A4653_737 ©Roland Bisse
  • 8O3A4653_737_2 ©Roland Bisse
  • 8O3A4653_737_3 ©Roland Bisse
  • 8O3A4653_737_5 ©Roland Bisse
  • 8O3A4653_737_4 ©Roland Bisse
  • 8O3A4653_737_6 ©Roland Bisse
  • 8O3A4653_737_7. ©Roland Bisse
  • 8O3A4653_737_8 ©Roland Bisse