Offers for students

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"think professional !" is a common project of many local and international companies to give students the opportunity to do a work placement. Firms in Yaoundé, Douala, Bafoussam, Ebolowa and Bertoua offer vacancies in various areas. The Goethe-Institut assists students in finding the perfect fit, in writing an application and in preparing for the internship itself.

Would you like to get to know a work environment? Would you like to do an internship during the summer holidays? register here.


a) Candidates register on the online platform
b) Registered students take part in the first seminar (How to write a professional application)
c) Students apply for the internship. Selected candidates take part in the second seminar (How to act in the workplace).
d) 4-week internship at a company
e) Evaluation and handing over of letter of recommendation