" The world meets online - youth course digital "

Picture_695 ©Goethe-Institut Kamerun

The Covid situation has also had a strong influence on the youth-class programme of the Goethe-Institutes worldwide. Nevertheless, under precautionary measures, this year's scholarship holders were at least able to meet in Cameroon to work out their onlin classes together and enjoy interesting activities, although they did not travel to Germany.
From August 11 - 24, the best 22 German students* will work and study together in Yaoundé - Odza and at the same time meet online with the whole world.
A virtual tour in the University of Bremen, study information for abroad from the DAAD, exam preparation for levels A2 and B1, a walk in the forest by the river and soccer games in the morning all of that is part of the programme. At the end of their stay, the students will prove their language level and write an exam, as in the attendance youth courses.
Germany will also be part of the programme. On August 22nd and 23rd, there will be a cultural evening with karaoke, German food and Cameroonian and German dances before everyone travels back home.