Workshop on methodological and didactic in Gabon

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The Goethe-Institut Cameroon invites 65 German teachers and 15 Master students of German Studies to the University of Oma Obongo in Libreville on 29 and 30 November to further their methodological and didactic training and to exchange experiences. four different training courses are offered: "competence-oriented testing" (M. Djiango), "promoting speaking skills in project work" (M. Mulundi), "vocabulary and project work" (I. Adabra) and "mistakes and error correction: the mistake - your friend" (F. Krieger). The training courses are led by experienced experts from sub-Saharan Africa: Margit Djiango, former head of language training at the Goethe-Institut Cameroon, Meshack Mulundi, media expert at the Goethe-Institut Kenya, Isabelle Adabra, German teacher and DLL trainer from the Goethe-Institut Togo and Franziska Krieger as international German teacher trainer. The Goethe-Institut Kamerun thanks Maryse Ndong, head of the German language and literature departments at the University of Omar Bongo and her team, as well as the students for the excellent cooperation and the warm welcome in their department. We hope you enjoy the further education and wish you a intense exchange.

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