Pasch Camp Ghana 2019

GhanaCamp2019 © Necmi Aydin

„Everything good comes to an end!“ There are times you don’t want to see this end. 17 july 2019, this day marked the end oft he great regional Camp, reuniting 58 Students from more than 20 countries in Subsahara Africa for about 10 days. The last evening everybody presented the products of their work in the cultural night. After the event nobody was longing for sleep, the atmosphere of the last moment was all over. The workshopteacher reunited their students for a last time, to give some small speaches, to evaluate the evenings work. After that, there was a moment to take the last selfies, to have the last hugs, tears could not been hidden. The magical moment finally ended with everybody singing the song „We are the world“ from Michal Jacson. „We are Africa“ they could have sang, as all of them united the continent somehow: from La Reunion, from South Africa, Kenya and Namibia, from Cameroon to Senegal students from more than 50 PASCH-Schools have been represented. The seperation hopefully is not for too long, but every student will take home a special experience: „Ideas and Dream about the Camp-topic: What I want to change in my future“ and something else: living together, toleranz, friendship and values, which we don’t want to change in any future.

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Poetry Slam Junior

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