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Madelin Wilian (DK)

Madelin Wilian © Troels Løkza Madelin Wilian, born 1969, lives and works as a visual artist, illustrator, author and musician in Copenhagen. She studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. At the age of 16, she made her debut as an illustrator for the publishing house Gyldendal and has since published numerous other books under the name Mikkeline W. Gudmand-Høyer, both as an author and as an illustrator. She is a member of the artist group Drøm & Co and guitarist and singer in the band Stjernevask.

Madelin Wilian grew up in various housing communities in the 1970s, when alternative housing and communities were being experimented with. She is interested in how people interact with each other, new community structures, gender equality, and the donut economy. From May to July 2022, she will be exploring these topics as part of the R.A.R.O. residency program in Madrid.

As a visual artist she works with a wide range of different techniques, from mixed media to acrylic or oil painting, woodcuts and computer graphics. Her visual language, reminiscent of Fauvism, is characterized by bright colors and an expressive simplification of forms. She creates seemingly naive fantasy worlds, which are characterized by great lightness, but also have socially critical references.
  • Gemälde von Madelin Wilian, eine sitzende Person schaut auf einen Hasen. © Camilla Schiøler
  • Gemälde von Madelin Wilian, eine abstrakt gemalte Person befindet sich in einem Raum und trägt eine Kiste auf dem Arm. © Camilla Schiøler
  • Gemälde von Madelin Wilian, links sitzt eine Katze, rechts sind Pflanzen zu sehen. © Camilla Schiøler

Madelin Wilian has exhibited at various galleries in Denmark and abroad, most recently at Den Frie, Copenhagen and Gallery Jarsbo, Aalborg.

During her residency at Spinnerei Leipzig, Madelin Wilian would like to explore various examples of alternative communities as part of a primarily painting-based project.

Madelin Wilian