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 Goethe-Institut © Engy Mohsen

Project Articles

Ten articles reflect and recall ten years of social engagement in various cultural and educational projects in the region of North Africa and the Middle East. From the shining eyes of children upon the arrival of the library bus in villages in the Nile Delta, the unexpected resurgence of science journalism after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Egyptian media landscape, to cultural hubs in Sudan's capital Khartoum - the following pages report on ten exciting projects implemented as part of the Ta'ziz partnership.

Spotlight Iraq © Goethe Institut

Spotlight Iraq

 “Spotlight Iraq” supports projects of Iraqi culture professionals in view of their key role in shaping the prospects of Iraqi society. Culture professionals make a vital and inspirational contribution to identity discourse and dialogue in Iraq’s diverse society. Next to financial support, training, and qualification measures, the project the project seeks to strengthen networks between Iraqi culture professionals.  

Library Bus © Goethe Institut

Bibliotheksbus (Library Bus)

Away from the big cities, children and young people in Egypt have a hard time getting good books. The library bus of the Goethe-Institut Cairo brings books to their villages and neighbourhoods in the Nile Delta. The project attempts to introduce children and young people to reading and teach them that books are not only for studying but that immersing into the world of literature can be fun.

CIN - Cultural Innovators Network © Goethe Institut

Mena region
CIN - Cultural Innovators Network

The Cultural Innovators Network (CIN) is a cross-cultural network of cultural practitioners from countries north and south of the Mediterranean. The aim of the project is to connect artists, cultural managers, civil society actors, and activists who address social issues in their countries and in the Mediterranean region.

Gender Awareness © Goethe Institut

Gender Awareness

The project aims to facilitate social participation for women and young people, particularly with regard to gender images and anti-discrimination. Through various workshops, implemented with local actors to support Egyptian women at the civil society level, the participants of the trainings should be encouraged to further engage in their local communities and to actively shape their society. 

Cultural Academy Libya © Goethe Institut

Cultural Academy Libya

The project "Cultural Academy Libya" aims to support participation in Libya’s artistic scene, qualifying cultural managers and networking them with the Arab and German cultural scene. Qualification measures in the cultural and educational sector enable the participants to professionally accompany and shape social development in Libya.

Mena region 2012-2017
Moving MENA

As a mobility programme, Moving MENA aims to facilitate access to the German cultural scene for young cultural professionals from the Arab world, giving them the opportunity to participate in festivals, exhibitions, and other relevant events in Germany and in other Arab countries through travel grants. Like that, Moving MENA attempts to provide impulses for the local and regional cultural scene that strengthen the independent cultural sector. 

Houmtek-Tunisia © Goethe-Institut


Children's playgrounds, urban gardening or listening walks - these and other ideas can actively contribute to the revaluation of urban space in Tunisia. The participants of Houmtek, a project aiming to support Tunisian civil society in its commitment to the enhancement and use of public space, develop ideas on their own initiative to beautify and repair places in their immediate neighbourhood.

Sudan 2019- to date
New Spaces - Transforming Sudan

“New Spaces - Transforming Sudan” aims to create new spaces for art, culture, and discourse in Sudan. The approach is multifaceted comprising three pillars: a hub that brings together artists of different genres; production funds that support cultural professionals in the implementation of innovative projects; and a cultural trailer "Jeenak" that brings artworks and culture to public places in different parts of Sudan. 

Media and Science © Goethe Institut

Egypt / Mena region
Science Journalism / Media and Science

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, science reporting in Egyptian media eked out a rather inconspicuous existence on the back pages of newspapers. The aim of the project was therefore not only to teach general journalistic skills, but also to make science journalism in Egypt better known. In addition to training journalists, the project promotes exchange between scientists, media professionals and journalists.

Civic Education © Goethe Institut

Civic Education

The project “Civic Education” seeks to strengthen civil society structures in Egypt the MENA region. It focuses on providing training opportunities for civic actors and trainers and promotes local, national and regional networking activities.  Through the "Training of Trainers" approach, participants are encouraged to engage with concepts such as social diversity, human rights, democracy and tolerance.