Open Call "Tibeb be Adebabay 2020 Open call"

Tibeb be Adebabay 2020 © Goethe-Institut

Tue, 25.02.2020 -
Thu, 02.04.2020

Meskel Square

Tibeb be Adebabay is an annual participatory street art festival designed to spread the power of art around the city and foster dialogue. In May 2020, the 4th edition of TBA will take over Meskel Square with creative activities. Tibeb Be Adebabay empowers communities and individuals to express themselves, solve social and environmental problems through arts. It also aims to empower the creative side of Addis Ababa and encourage art and creativity. 

Tibeb Be Adebabay will once again be back on the streets of Addis Ababa!!

In this context, we are looking for artists and creatives from all disciplines to apply and be a part of this vibrant festival with the title “Who am I” and the subtitle “Telling Migrating Stories”.

The question of one's own identity is also always a question of one's origin, past, and future. We are all - like the things around us - in constant motion. We migrate, so to speak, between space, time and emotions. Migration and movement are not a new phenomenon and have existed since the very beginning of humanity.  Without movement and exchange, human coexistence would come to a standstill. We are dependent on the transfer of experience, knowledge, traditions, and ideas.

We are, therefore, interested in your experiences and your artistic approach to migration in this broad sense.  You can explore around all different areas of migration, e.g. objects, ideas, knowledge, culture, food, fashion, design, lifestyles, emotions, experiences…

Prior to implementing the projects on the festival dates, it is mandatory for the selected artists and creatives to participate in a 2-day workshop where they will exchange and fine-tune their ideas for better synergies in order to foster collaboration and maximize the public impact.

If you read this so far, it means that you are interested to apply, so please join the information sessions we organized on the following date, time and venue:

Information Session 
Date: 6 March 2020, Doors open 4:00PM and the Session Starts: 5:00 PM
Venue: at the Urban Center, around Meskel Square in front of St. Stephen's
            Church or Behind Village Café.  

Contact us using:
Phone No: +251 98 332 0317 or +251 11 124 2345
More information:            
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