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Chronotopia Echoes© Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Chronotopia Echoes

Chronotopia is an initiative by CTM Festival and Goethe-Institut Athen, that highlights connections between experimental music and research present and past. Points of contact between past and current music, sound, and media practices are explored, for instance via re-articulations of pre-modern musical forms and practices, media-archeological research, or archives amongst others.
Chronotopia Echoes / Αντηχήσεις is an artistic lab engaging with the artistic knowledge and ideas of KSYME – the Contemporary Music Research Centre in Athens.
It engages a group of sound artists and composers of electronic or electroacoustic music, selected via open call, who are invited to interact with the vast archives of KSYME under the guidance of Anke Eckardt and Akis Sinos, with the aim to create new works that will be presented in Athens Festival 2021 in Pireos 260.
A cooperation between Goethe-Institut Athen, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, CTM Festival and KSYME.