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Become a VIP member of the Goethe-Institut Budapest!

We have created a VIP Student Card for students enrolled in our standard classroom courses (60 hours), which entitles students to a 5-10% discount from our partners. We want our students to both participate and benefit from working with our flagship partners. Our network of partners is diverse, covering a wide range of sectors and brands.

A card with a QR code is valid for the relevant trimester and offers a range of benefits outside the Goethe-Institut. The card is personalised and non-transferable. Benefits can only be used by the holder until the date of validity. Lost cards cannot be replaced.


Library of the Goethe-Institut: free for 3 months after enrolling in the course

Budapest Music Center: 10% discount on tickets purchased at the venue for concerts at Opus Jazz Club

Jurányi Ház: Jurányi House can provide a 20% discount on the ticket price by presenting the card (except for performances for children and the programme series "Színház a város")

Örkény István Színház:  10% discount on all main stage performances + Winterreise studio performance in German. The discount can be claimed in person by showing your "Goethe VIP" card.

Trafó: 10% discount on the ticket prices of the programs (except for concerts)

Ludwig Museum: 10% discount on full price tickets

Ìrók Boltja: 10% discount on items purchased at the bookstore

Klett Publishing Ltd.: 10% discount from the total price in case of online shopping and in the showroom (1116 Budapest, Temesvár u. 20.)
Discountcode: GOETHE10

Copy-Ráday: 5% discount in the store

Irina Bistro: 10% discount on all coffee