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Families in Europe
In the Shadow

Four men and women photographers from Albania, Belarus, Italy and Germany travelled to some of the socially and economically weakest and most neglected areas of the European continent. Their aim was to come into contact with people who lives there so they can make their voice heard through photos, videos, stories. Wherever they are, the local populations live in isolation, abandoned and with no prospects…in the shadows. What stories did they gather? This site documents their journeys acting as a kind of logbook. Their photographic works are presented in an international touring exhibition starting in Milan and travelling to Rom, Minsk, Tirana and Halle. 

Mila Teshaieva©Mila Teshaieva
Jutta Benzenberg©Jutta Benzenberg
SardiniaSardinia ©Livio Senigalliesi

The Photographers

Each photographer will travel in their own country plus one of the other three so as to have a change of perspective. Jutta Benzenberg and Mila Teshaieva are going to Albania and Germany while Andrei Liankevich and Livio Senigalliesi will be in Italy and Belarus.

The trips


Bitterfeld Wollfen Foto: Mila Teshaieva


In the case of Germany, the focus is on the Halle-Bitterfeld-Wolfen district.  As in the past, family life is marked by unemployment and no prospects.

Albania Jutta Benzenberg Foto: Jutta Benzenberg


Albania with its average age of 36 is a young country. One in three under-24-year-olds are out of work. The female photographers intend to investigate the conditions of life for young people and women in rural areas.

Sardinia Italy Foto: Livio Senigalliesi


The theme chosen for Italy centres on the declining Sardinian mining district of Carbonia-Iglesias. Here the European dimension comes into play as the EU started from the Treaties on the Establishment of the European Coal and Steel Company.

Belarus Foto: Andrej Liankevich


What we find in Belarus, above all in several rural regions, are settlements along the rivers and on the moorlands in the south that are almost totally isolated and cut off from the influence of modern urban life. Their everyday existence is determined by nature and, in part, by pre-Christian pagan practices and rituals.