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​You can find new reading/listening passages here each month with exercises relating to current themes published in Presse und Sprache.

Fest der Fantasie - Magical night in the botanical garden in Berlin

Fest der Fantasie Presse und Sprache For the past 11 years a special event has been taking place in the botanical garden in Berlin, and it’s always a magical experience for visitors.

This year is no exception: the Fest der Fantasie will be celebrated there again in July.
The following text – which can be used as a German teaching resource from Level A2 – gives an account of when it kicks off, what exactly happens at the event, and what you can see and experience there.

The text and exercises are taken from the July edition of Presse und Sprache. Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache

200 Years of Theodor Fontane

Birnbaum © adobe.stock Anyone attending school in Germany is in all probability going to encounter a work by Theodor Fontane in their German classes.
This year we celebrate his 200th birthday. As well as the novel “Effi Briest”, many students particularly remember the poem entitled “Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland” – because they had to learn it by heart. A particularly beautifully illustrated version read by the actor Otto Sander can be found on YouTube. Some students have shown that a completely different take on “Squire von Ribbeck” is possible – they’ve turned it int Rip Rap Ribbeck. It’s perfect for acting out and rapping along.

Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache has provided us with the following material containing an easy reading passage with word explanations (from Level A2 GER) about the life of Theodor Fontane. The text can also be used as a listening comprehension with exercises.

Here’s a quotation that’s essential for all students of German as they progress along their learning path:

Wer aufhört, Fehler zu machen, lernt nichts mehr dazu...

Theodor Fontane

If you stop making mistakes, you stop learning…
Wishing you every success in your learning!

The Bauhaus

Das Bauhaus feiert 100. Geburtstag © adobe.stock 100 years ago Walter Gropius started the Bauhaus movement in Weimar. This anniversary in 2019 is not just being celebrated in Germany but in many places around the world – and that’s because of the huge global influence this art school still has today on architecture and design, and the way we think about them.  
German teachers – if you’d like to use Bauhaus as one of your topics for GFL/GSL lessons, you might find the following resources helpful.

Aktuelles aus Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache You will also find this passage with word explanations, which has been provided by Schünemann-Verlag, in the May edition of Presse und Sprache.

The simple listening passage that can be used from Level A2 (GER) approaches the history of Bauhaus in three sections

The exercises include tasks to be done before, during and after reading, with the answers at the end.

We wish you every success!