Enterprise German
A Project for Professional Orientation

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Enterprise German promotes the collaboration between schools and German companies / or Malaysian companies with a relationship to German speaking countries within the region.
In Malaysia this project takes place for the third time. It combines aspects of professional orientation with creativity and inventor spirit.
The specially designed modules enable students to gather insights on new developments, job profiles and working processes as well as to deepen their knowledge of the German language. With this early access to professional orientation, students will acquire skills that are increasingly in demand in the job market; intercultural competence, language skills and expertise. The central task is to develop an innovative product or service for a company that is marketable.

Enterprise German 2020 – more digital, but not less creative

It already is the second time that Enterprise German takes place as a project of Malaysian schools and German companies that are resident in the region. 
The 65 participating students have proven their creativity right from the beginning on. They have chosen wonderful German group names like „Die Tausendfüßer“, „Die Fantastischen Fünf“ and „Die Klugen“ for their 15 groups.

Due to Covid-19 the participating companies could only be visited digitally this year but the students were as impressed by listening to company history and the introduction of company products in video conferences as having been on site themselves.

Inspired by the company visits the students are now designing their own business ideas trying to find possibily to advertise it for the German market the best they can. 

A Jury consisting of education and business representatives will choose the three winner ideas 2020 from all entries.

After weeks of hard work all participants of the project Unternehmen Deutsch 2020 gathered one last time (students, teachers, jury and company representatives) to find out which of the three student’s products the jury chose to be most creative and innovative. Even though the award ceremony took place online the home-made drum rolling by everyone was one of the magic moments. After watching the winning videos the groups thanked everyone and look forward to receiving the wonderful prizes soon.

First place: Group "Böses Genie" from SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa with the product WDC-XT for BOSCH

1. Platz WDC-XT
© SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa

Second place: Group "Altruistisch" from SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa with the product BB InsuLens for B.BRAUN

2. Platz BB InsuLens
© SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa

Third place: Group "Die Brillianten" from SMS Kepala Batas with the product BOSCH Super Kasten

3. Platz Superkasten
© SMS Kepala Batas


Enterprise German 2019


A total of 537 people voted in the online voting: 399 for Bosch DMBH, 121 for FRIDGR and 17 for Planeground.
More information about the project and the winners can be found here. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the "Enterprise German 2019" project. The project will continue in 2020.
The "Psycho - Adler" group from the school SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa in Kedah receives the first place for the idea "Bosch DMBH". The product was developed for the company Bosch.
© Psycho Adler

The second place goes to the "Futuristische Gruppe" from the school SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa in Kedah for the idea "SK Nadel". The product was developed for B. Braun.
 SK Nadel
© Futuristische Gruppe
The third place goes to the group "Prima Diamant" from the school SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa in Kedah for the idea "Favac Sander". The product was developed for the company Bosch.
Favac Sander
© Prima Diamant

Teaching materials

The teaching materials at A2 level are divided into three modules. The materials serve as a basis for the participation in the idea contest, but can also be used without taking part in the competition.

Enterprise German Modules 1 – 3 Photo: Getty Images / Adam Gault

Modules 1 – 3: Enterprise German in Malaysia

Getting to know the domestic economy, visiting a partner company and developing a business idea.
Modules: Enterprise German