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Exhibition Statement

"From the bustling streets of Lagos, where daily life unfolds amidst the cacophonic symphony of horns, sirens, and verbal curses, emerges an installation that delves deep into the multifaceted nature of the city's relentless traffic stressors.
'Dreaming New Worlds - Lagos: From Stressors to Creation' invites you to explore the intricate layers of existence that the Lagos traffic imposes upon its inhabitants.
Lagos traffic is no mere inconvenience; it is a relentless force that gnaws at its inhabitant's daily lives from the periphery to the core of their existence. This perpetual assault inches closer to that core of tranquillity, that sanctuary safeguarding the mental well-being of the average Lagosian. These bites, seemingly innocuous, have the power to transform a fragile and vulnerable core into calloused stones or shatter it into fragments.
The streets of Lagos, once mere thoroughfares, now impose their weight upon the daily commute, forcing Lagosians to choose between capitulation and exasperation.
Lagos is a city of dreams, a no man's land where anyone can become somebody. From dawn till dusk, the streets serve as viaducts of hope, propelling its denizens closer to their aspirations and their dreams of new worlds. Yet, these pathways are fraught with stressors, evident by the litany of curses and verbal abuses that are etched into the daily vocabulary of Lagosians: "Oponu", "Iya la ya e", "Ko ni da fun e", "Oloshi", "Olórí Burúkú".

In this dynamic city, the streets never stop; they imprint, groom, and program their inhabitants to be both predators and victims. By the time an average Lagosian arrives at their destination, their mental state is either frayed and frazzled or charged with the potential for narcissistic violations.

Lagos traffic stress and its rules of engagement serve as the starting point for our creative journey. It is from this crucible that we begin to envision new worlds, carving them from the fabric of the old, transcending known boundaries, and inching closer to the core frameworks that protect the fragility of Lagos inhabitants' mental health.

As creators, we dream within this context, utilizing it as a springboard to leap. We jump to define the unseen and shape narratives that propel our audience to embrace alternate realities for new worlds.

Our installation features five distinct creators who confront the city's traffic stressors, forging narratives that challenge the viewer's reference point. They create narratives for new worlds, shaped by their respective artistic practices, that beckon wanderlust and invite exploration to new frontiers.
'Dreaming New Worlds - Lagos: From Stressors to Creation' is an exploration of the human spirit's resilience in the face of stressor adversity and an invitation to dream beyond the confines of the ordinary.
Join us on this transformative journey, as we navigate the intricate tapestry of Lagos and chart new frontiers that inspire travel to new worlds.

Manifestos for Lagos, A New World

Lagos, a city alive with vibrant diversity, a cacophony of voices, and a tapestry of cultures. We are on a quest for “New Worlds”, a transformative journey which we all pledge to take personal responsibility to realize. This manifesto is a call to action for all Lagosians to chart new frontiers that inspire their transformative journeys.

I am a Lagosian, and this is my manifesto:

I Embrace the Stressor-Chaos.

I refuse to let the stressor-chaos of Lagos overwhelm me. I thrive in its bustling streets, with its diversity, and its complexity. Amid the stressors, I find inspiration, energy, and creativity.

I Celebrate Diversity.

I cherish the rich diversity of Lagos, from the various cultures and traditions to the unique people who call this city home. It is the diversity that makes the city strong, and I am committed to fostering unity among us all.

I embody Creative Resilience.

I see challenges as opportunities to innovate. The daily obstacles I face in Lagos fuel my resilience and creativity. Stressor-adversity is a stepping stone to success.

I manifest a field of potentialities in this City of Dreams.

I believe in inspiring future generations to dream big, fostering a culture of ambition, creativity, and innovation. Our collective dreams will shape the city's future.

I sprout sizable Iroko and Baobab trees from mere seeds through Digital Transformation.

I embrace the digital age as a tool for empowerment. I will leverage technology for better governance, education, and economic growth. Lagos will be at the forefront of the digital revolution.

I embrace Inclusivity and Compassion.

In this transformative journey, I am resolute about inclusivity and compassion. I will be open to the viewpoints of others in a drive to ensure that no one is left behind.

I reject the Tragedy of the Commons; I embrace my Environment and its Legacy.

I understand the importance of environmental stewardship. I am committed to leaving a legacy for improved surroundings – I take personal responsibility for the commons.
I am Lagosian: I pledge to navigate the intricate tapestry of Lagos, to embrace its stressor-chaos, and to work with my fellow residents to chart new frontiers that inspire us all to embark on transformative journeys within our beloved city. To work to build a brighter future together, one that reflects our dreams and aspirations.

Ade Adekola is a Nigerian conceptual artist and one of Africa’s digital arts pioneers; he has been working at the intersection of art and technology for over 30 years.  
His journey fusing art and technology started from explorations of cognitive science and cybernetics while studying Architecture. He later specialized in the design of responsive building systems and received international acclaim for his innovations which led to exhibitions and artistic productions.  
Ade went on to study  management leading to a career as a management consultant with a specialization in transformation and innovation. In the early 2000’s while in Silicon Valley he witnessed the digital transformation of photography. Many of his works of this period were prescient of post internet photography and glitch art movements.  
In 2005, he started making images that reframe and redefine the African Cultural narrative. Ade is best described as an experimental photographer. He produces works in series,  working with digital processes and tools within a post-production environment. Allowing him to explore increasingly new ways of image making.  
His  works include photographs, prints, interactive installations, and interactive sculpture. He has been exhibiting as a conceptual artist since 1992.

Philip Fagbeyiro is a world builder and artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He earned a Bsc in Architecture from the University of Lagos and uses his skills to create illustrative works that depict representative scenes of people interfacing with hypothetical future and past technologies. His interests lie in thinking about the near and far future of humanity and what we become afterwards. He has exhibited his work in several group exhibitions locally and abroad, such as the LagosPhoto Festival, and Remote Gallery in Toronto. He has also applied his talent for worldbuilding and storytelling to several cultural and curatorial projects such as the Guests for The Future installation at the 2023 Venice Bienale and the Woven Threads IV fashion showcase in Lagos. 

B. 1982, Nigeria. 
Chuma Anagbado is a Nigerian-born multidisciplinary Artist & Designer. He studied Fine & Applied Arts (Sculpture Majors) at the University of Benin, graduating in 2005. In 2013, he completed a masters degree in Design from the University of Creative Arts, Rochester, UK with distinction honors. He spent 16 years in professional design practice, co-founding  Aziza Design in 2014 and Mbari Uno in 2018.  
In 2021, Chuma began full-time studio practice, creating 'phygital' art using technology. Fostering an identity, his themes are derived from the material & non-material aspects of Igbo culture - past & present.  Ranging from wall mount to monumental dimensions, his works  reimagines the age-long Igbo carved doors & ‘Uli' line aesthetic in patterns, fused with the body, in a spiritual performance between the abstract & figurative. Visually striking, his works are results of artistic experiments, creating at the intersection of physical and digital existence. 
He emerged as a winner of 'Africa Here', an accelerator program for African-born digital artists by Makersplace in 2022, leading to a showcase at the Scope Art Show, Miami. In 2023, was the lead artist for 'Tracing the Wild', a dynamic data-driven art project, illustrating lions' patterns of territorial movement and conflict with humans, to represent & conserve the predator ecosystem in Kenya's Maasai Mara region.  
He continually participates in boundary pushing residencies and engages in collaborative projects. He has exhibited in Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Botswana,  India, Canada, UK and USA. His body of work on Igbo Masquerading is in permanent showcase and collection of the Centre for Memories (CFM), Enugu, Nigeria.  

Timilehin Oludare (b. 2002) is an experimental surrealist artist born in Ibadan, Nigeria. Art has always been a form of expressing feelings, reflections, observations, and curiosity. He has been experimenting with different media which we see in some of his mixed media pieces. Oludare tends to experiment with materials, sound, shapes, colors, and scent. He uses these mediums to create patterns and shapes with intention to portray the emotion and tension he is trying to visualize. 
Osanyintolu Oludare Timilehin has exhibited some of his work at Boomer Art Gallery (London, 2020), Nomascape project (Chicago, 2020) amongst others. He launched “WETIN DEY COOK”, a curatorial project by Lynhan Balatbat- Helbock at GAS Foundation (Lagos, 2022) as the first artist to cook for and share his works with the intimate gathering. 
His second show in Lagos was a celebration of one of his series of charcoal portraits at 16by16, curated by Tushar Hathiramani. He also showed work in Engage Space, (Lagos, 2022), AWCA (Lagos, 2022) and Tribe X (Lagos, 2022). 

Baba Aminu Mustapha is a self-taught artist with a background in electrical computer engineering. He is renowned for his ability to create visual stories that elicit behavioral change and provoke emotional responses. Born and raised in Kaduna, Nigeria, Baba Aminu Mustapha developed a profound passion for art, drawing inspiration from animated movies, manga, and comics. 
After completing his formal education in electrical computer engineering, Baba Aminu Mustapha delved into the fields of art and advertising, honing his skills in visually communicating narratives. He initially expressed himself through watercolor, later exploring other mediums such as oil paint and colored pencils. Eventually, he discovered his love for the digital medium and has since been creating artworks ranging from comics, storyboards, and children's books to portraits and concept art. His creations are characterized by emotional depth, vibrant colors, and shared cultural experiences. 
His dedication to his craft, curiosity, and his ability to create beautiful works of art have earned him recognition and made him a beloved figure in the world of illustration. 

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